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About the Designs
Wanna know which episode each hat was shown in for the first time? No more guessing, here's a (fairly) complete list!
Episode not listed? There was no new hat during that show...
This Show is Called Squidbillies Booty Hunter, Here's the Beef, Breathe if You're Horny
Take This Job and Love It World's Greatest Illegitimate Daddy, May I Help You, My Child?, Groom, "Deer Hat Resume"
School Days, Fool Days Goal Bandit, I Love Cock (fighting), Firesquid, Free Shirt(hat) Limit 1, 2005 Prom King
Chalky Trouble Patriotic Bald Eagle
Family Trouble All Aces (playing cards)
Office Politics Trouble David Allan CEO (live in Macon), Glug
Butt Trouble Support Our Troops, I Love You Daddy (w/Rusty)
Double Truckin' The Tricky Two Sonny Lied!!!, Jack Squattery, Tricky Two
Swayze Crazy John Beer, Swayze Crazy
Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble God's Good Buddy
Meth O.D. To My Madness Remember 9-111 (irregular)
Bubba Trubba Do it..To it!
Burned and Reburned Again Damn I'm Good!!
Survival of the Dumbest I'm Going Nuckin' Futz, Hooked on Jesus, Hooked on Darwin, The Truth -vs- Darwin,
Science -vs- The Truth, Faith -vs- Science, China -vs- Faith
A Sober Sunday Wolves (howlin' at the moon)
Webnecks I Support the Flat Tax 'Cause I'm Flat Broke!
Beast Implants Taste Daytona
Tween Steam Bodywork by Wanda
Wing Nut Shoot First Ask Questions NEVER!
Mephistopheles... Too Cool For You!!
Earth Worst Damn Bald Eagles (Ft. McPherson, Georgia)
The Good One Lifeguard on Booty
Sharif Ice Wind
Condition Demolition Jesus Shaves
The Appalachian Mud Squid... My Other Hat (shirt) Is Yo Momma!
The Unbearable Heatness of Fire Didn't Ask, Don't Tell!
Tuscaloosa Dumpling Been There, Done That, Got This Hat (shirt)!
Gimicky Magazine Show Spoof... Got Breast Milk?
Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby No Habla Jibber Jabber!
An Officer and a Dental Dam Nifty Nifty, Look Who's 53!
The Okaleechee Dam Jam Line Dancers DO IT!!! In a Line!, Guns Don't Kill People, I DO!!!
Pile M for Murder Born to Die!!!, When God takes a DUMP on your head, you just gotta craft it into a hat!!!
Mud Days and Cornfused This Ain't No's a rag top for a SEX CONVERTIBLE!!!,
This Hat Contains Minimum 85% Post-Consumer Recycled Hats
Krystal Light Laugh So I Can See 'Em Bounce!!
Lerm LERM, These Colors Don't Run
The Liar, the Bitch & the Bored Rube Gay Pride, Body for Pleasure; Mind for Sin
The Fine Ol' Solution Fine Ol' Solution, Love It or Leave It
Anabolic-Holic VPILF (Sarah Palin)
Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind Too Funk Too Druck!
The Big Gay Throwdown Hold My Hat While I Have Sex With Your Wife
Atone Deaf Healing Rocks, You'll Get My Hat When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Head,
Dougal County Corrections BK4013970061794
God's Bro Do Something With Your Life - Take Your Top Off!!!,
Do Something With Your Life - Get An Education!!!
Reunited, and it Feels No Good Cash Is King!
Not Without My Cash Cow Baby Rusty: " I didn't kill him & bury the body somewheres", findbabyrusty.luv,
Baby Rusty: HE'S ALIVE!
Need for Weed Put Your Head Between Your Legs & Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, Ignorance is Bliss,
I'm a Longhaired Spreadneck
The Many Loves of Early Cuyler Emergency? Dial .357!!!
Dead Squid Walking Tell Your BOOBS to stop staring at my EYES!!!

Young, Dumb & Full of Gums

Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote!
Holodeck Redneck VOTE YES Re-Legalize Midget Tossing, PC BEACH '92
Frivolacious Squidigation I Need Help Making Copies! Ask Me How?, Tits for Tots
Fatal Distraction Honey, I'd Suck the Fart Out of Your Car Seat!!!
Clowny Freaks T'AINT one, T'AINT the other!!!
Lean, Green Touchdown Makifying Machine WARNING: If you can read this you better be sittin' on my face, I've got a blue chip if you got
a green back!, Sheetrock University, U of PS, BFC


This is only an approximate list. I've done my best to make it as complete as possible. If anyone sees any glaring errors, please email me!
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